About Us


My name is Elishelah Wright and I am the founder and director of Shantivanam Children’s Community in Encinitas, California, which opened in July of 2001.  The name “Shantivanam” (pronounced shan-tee-vah’-nam) is a Sanskrit word which means “forest of peace”.  A peaceful, loving, and respectful environment is what we strive for each and everyday.  Our fully qualified staff provides a balance of age appropriate learning skills as well as joyful and fun activities.

Our community is different and unique in some very important ways.  First, we exceed the staffing ratios required by the state and meet and often exceed the even higher ratios recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Having fewer children per teacher allows us to give each child more attention and provide an individualized program that considers the strengths and areas of needed attention for each child.

Our comprehensive Character Development Program and Diversity Program have been developed with the perspective of the child in mind.  In addition we use positive behavior techniques and involve the parents in that process through individual communication and our quarterly parent workshops.  We are also vigilant and progressive in our approach to health and safety.

Our facility is also unique in that we have the loving home-atmosphere of a family childcare but the equipment and functionality of a small school throughout the entire two lower levels of our tri-level home.  We are a community of caring and involved parents who understand the importance of the formative years of a child’s life.

If you feel your child is getting lost in the shuffle at their large center or preschool, or if you are just looking for a quality, individualized program for your child, Shantivanam Children’s Community may be just what you are looking for.