I believe that proper facilities are important to create a good atmosphere in a school. Having a small, individualized school has been a long-time dream for me. When I saw this house and yard, I immediately saw the possibilities for a supportive environment. All I could say was, “This is it!”

Indoor Facilities

The house is a tri-level with large activity areas on the first two levels. These two levels are where we set-up the school for the children. The entry-level area is for the younger children. The lower, garden-level area is set up for for the preschool children. We have our personal living area on the top level.

Outdoor Facilities

Outdoors we have three distinct play areas. The Entry Level play area is set up for children of all ages, but it is the only area our youngest children are allowed to play in. The second area has equipment that is appropriate for older children such as preschoolers, however, the child must be safety conscious to be allowed to use this area so there is less likelihood of them getting hurt. The third area is strictly for children who are four years or older and who have demonstrated that they are safety conscious.