Daily Schedules


7:30 a.m.Individual choice – inside play or Montessori shelf work
9:00 a.m.Circle time:
    -Sharing Jar activities
    -Diversity Dolls
    T/W:    -Show & Tell
9:40 a.m.Morning Snack
9:55 a.m.Activities
    M:    Spanish
    T:    Math, Science, or Language Arts
    W:    Math, Science, or Language Arts
    Th:    Spanish
    Fr:    Cooking
10:30 a.m.    Outside – free play or free choice
arts & crafts
11:00 a.m.    Activities
M:Sign Language
T:Sign Language
Th:Special Garden Activities
11:30 a.m.Outside – free play or free choice
arts & crafts
12:00 p.m.Garden and Outdoor Activities
12:30 p.m.Lunch Time
1:00 p.m.Nap or Montessori Reading Room activities
2:00 p.m.Nap/Rest Time for children
who have been in Reading Room
3:00 p.m.Nap time over
3:10 p.m.Potty time
3:30 p.m.Afternoon Snack
3:50 p.m.Free Play or free choice arts and crafts
4:45 p.m.Come inside and go potty
5:00 p.m.Inside Play

These are approximate times for the proposed plan for the day.  As always, the children come first so times and activities may vary according to the needs and interests of the children.  For example, interest may be high for an activity so time may be extended for that activity, or occasionally, the children just need to run and move, so activities may be shortened to give more outside time.


7:30 a.m.Free Play and Exploration
9:00 a.m.Potty or diaper change*
9:25 a.m.Clean-up time
9:30 a.m.Morning Snack
9:55 a.m.Circle Time
    Clock Song   Mirror Song   Toby   Songs/Fingerplays
    learning colors
    early phonics
    early math
10:20 a.m.Diaper check/potty time (and as needed)
10:30 a.m.Outside free play
11:45 a.m.    Come Inside
11:50 a.m.Diaper change*
11:50 a.m.Lunch
12:20 p.m.Potty time*
12:30 p.m.Nap Time
2:30 p.m.(Early Risers) – Inside Play
3:00 p.m.Nap time over
3:10 p.m.Potty or diaper change*
3:30 p.m.Afternoon Snack
3:45 p.m.Free Play Outside
4:45 p.m.Come inside
4:50 p.m.Potty or diaper change*
5:00 p.m.Inside Play time

* Diaper and potty times are on an as-needed basis with 90 minute checks in between. The listed times for our daily schedule are approximate and vary according to the situation. The Entry Level classroom is less structured than the Preschool classroom and, while daily activities are planned, they are undertaken according to the needs and interest of the children.