Creative Expression

We believe that creative expression is within each and every child and awaits the opportunity to be awakened.  The children are encouraged to let their creativity flow whether singing, dancing or creating a piece of art.  The artistic efforts of young children are often directed at producing physical or mental images through music, drawings, or body movements.  Though an adult may not recognize the preschooler’s picture as a green and purple dinosaur, the child is definite about what it is.  At other times however, the child’s free-flow painting, dance movements, or musical composition are an expression within itself, without any worldly connotation.

Decorating your own hat is creative and fun.
Decorating your own hat is creative and fun.

During the early childhood years the creative arts are more about the process than about the product or the end result.  By participating in these activities the children draw upon their interests, experiences, and personalities as they express themselves, create with others, and participate in their preschool community.

Our creative expression activities include the visual arts, music, and expressive movement.  Through their involvement in this type of expression, the children grow in their understanding of the world; they grow in their ability to problem-solve; and they grow in their ability to represent ideas.  Manipulatives that encourage creativity, and artistic activities are regularly planned for the children.  They also have available various types of painting, Play Doh, jewelry making, as well as drawing paper with crayons or colored pencils always available.  The children are encouraged to freely express themselves when participating in any of these activities.

Visual Arts

Music and Movement