Fees & Policies


Days per weekHalf DaysFull Days
5 days per week$225/week$305/week (4 full + 1 half day)
4 days per week$180/week$260/week
3 days per week$135/week$195/week
2 days per week$90/week$130/week

Sibling Discount: A 10% discount will apply on the tuition fee for a second child in care.

Fee Schedule: One-time Registration Fee is $20.

Additional Full Days: $65/day

Additional Half Days: $45/day

Our tuition fees work on the same basis as tuition to any private school or to a university. Your tuition reserves a space in the community for your child whether they attend or not. Therefore, just like at a university, if a day is missed due to illness or for other reasons, there is no refund. A deposit of $100 plus the $20 registration fee is required to hold a place for your child. The $100 will be credited toward the first week of tuition. However, the $100 deposit is non-refundable if your child does not start at Shantivanam.

Tuition is due in advance and payable by 5:30 p.m. each Friday for the coming week. Payments can be made on a weekly or monthly basis and checks should be made payable to “Shantivanam”. Payments made with cash should be placed in an envelope with the child’s name clearly written on it. All payments should be placed in the drop box above the sign-in book. Checks returned for NSF will be subject to a $20 charge plus any fees my bank charges. After a second NSF offense only cash will be accepted for tuition payment.

Our banking is done on Friday evening or Saturday morning, so if a tuition payment is late this causes extra work and takes away from the time that could be spending on doing things for the children. For this reason we have a strict late payment policy. Payments received after 5:30 p.m. on Friday are charged a $15 late fee plus $5 per day until paid. Children are not accepted into care until the fee is paid, except under special circumstances prearranged and agreed to by the administration. This late fee policy is not set up to generate extra income but to support the school in the best way possible.

We also have a late pick up fee of $15 after 5:30 p.m. and $1 per minute after 5:45. Again, this policy is not to generate extra income but we do expect parents to abide by their contracted pick up times so staff members can have their personal time also.

In addition to our fees, we have scheduled paid holidays throughout the year. These are traditional holidays such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Except for the Christmas break, if a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the school will be closed on the closest appropriate day to be determined by the school. If your child normally attends on a day that the school is closed for a paid holiday, your tuition remains the same for that day.

We also take vacation time during the year. Notice of vacation days will be given at least 6 weeks prior to the event. Parents are not charged for days that we are closed due to vacation time, sick days, or professional growth days. In case we have an emergency or illness, we will make every attempt to provide substitute care, but parents must be prepared with other backup care.

All parents must sign our contract prior to their children starting in our care. However, the first 10 days of childcare are probationary for the parents, the child, and for us. The contract can be terminated any time during that period. Otherwise, 4 weeks notice is required if the child is to be permanently removed from Shantivanam Children’s Community. We will accept payment equal to 4 weeks of fees in lieu of 4 weeks notice. We will give 4 weeks of notice prior to cessation of care except in the case of violation of the contract or gross misconduct on the part of either the parent or the child.

The signed contract will include contracted days. Any additional childcare time must be prearranged and approved. Additional days will be charged at the stated per day rate according to the child’s age. Staffing is scheduled according to contracted times, therefore additional days cannot be substituted for contracted days.

As with all things, we try to work together as a community. If our financial policies are causing you a hardship in any way, please discuss it with us.