Chad and Sandy Colton

We are parents of two (older boy, younger girl) and we have found Shantivanam Children’s Community to be such a perfect fit for our family. The environment in which they have created for the children is so special, nurturing and rich with love and happiness. After looking a handful of other places, we knew this was the place we wanted our kids to spend time away from home. They teach kindness, respect, leadership, encourage creativity and accountability and place great emphasis on everyday practical tasks. She teaches lessons with “Diversity Dolls” that we believe has been an incredible way to instill empathy and tolerance in real life settings. We have watched our son grow into such a sweet, gentle, sensitive young boy. He absolutely loves and looks forward to going to school each day. He has met friends/buddies that will be with him for a long time. Elishelah’s staff is second to none. They treat the children like they are their own and it’s obvious that they love what they do simply by the way they interact with the children and parents. The Shantivanam community is small and quaint and has become a second family to us. I love that the children have adopted real life social skills and tasks like gardening, cleaning up, dancing, yoga, spanish and some sign language too. We got an extra boost with potty training when the time was right by being their as well. I have so much confidence in Elishelah, her staff and the entire Shantivanam Children’s Community….I don’t hesitate to go to Elishelah for parenting advice…it’s always so great! She provides parent workshops throughout the year that have been a great way to establish consistency in the way we teach and parent together as well as a fabulous learning tool for my husband and I. We feel that our son is going to be so well prepared going into kindergarten a year from now and we really look forward to eventually sending out daughter to Shantivanam as well.

~ Chad and Sandy Colton (Shea & Reese)

  • July 21, 2013

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