James Tone and Denise Phillips

For the past 18 months, it has been our privilege to have our two children (Isabella and Riley) under the tutelage of Elishelah Wright and her staff at Shantivanam Children’s Community school. To begin with, the school is well designed for students to learn and interact with each other. It is clean, colorful and welcoming to children and adults. The children have many visual and kinesthetic opportunities to learn: including the use of animals (bunnies and turtles) and a variety of educational manipulatives. The vibrant educational program has given our children the opportunity to participate in music, foreign languages, yoga, and even sign language. Our daughter Isabella particularly liked the life sized dolls that are used to teach about ethnic and cultural diversity issues. Shantivanam also heartily promotes that parents actively participate in the learning process. This program differs from any others with the deep sense of caring and a profound commitment in providing an environment that promotes the same. Our children’s behavior has greatly improved during their time at Shantivanam. Isabella and Riley have become more respectful, polite and eager to learn. It is our firm belief the Shantivanam facility, curriculum and teaching methods have given our children an outstanding platform to move forward in their educational process.

James Tone
Denise Phillips

  • July 21, 2013

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