Sue and Stuart Gordon, parents

Both our daughters have been at Shantivanam since they were three months old, with the older one graduating to kindergarten this year. It was a blessing to find such a warm and loving home in which to leave our children and it has been a pleasure to watch them thrive in this environment. We especially love the emphasis on the Montessori program as well as the time and effort put in to developing the children’s social skills. Elishelah has created the perfect environment in which to teach our children in so many creative ways in a well balanced and loving atmosphere. A lot of emphasis is also given to the caregiver and parents working together to achieve goals and help our children thrive. The program has taken care of all their needs from infant through pre-K and our daughter went off to kindergarten this year with incredible skill sets, both academically and socially, of which we are very proud. Shantivanam has played a very important part in our family’s lives and we are incredibly grateful and proud to be a part of it.

~ Sue and Stuart Gordon, parents

  • May 3, 2013

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