Matt and Kim Williams

Shantivanam Children’s Community is truly a hidden jewel among childcare facilities. As a parent and elementary educator, I know it is essential that our children learn and grow in an environment that places the utmost value on the positive development of the whole child. Shantivanam does an incredible job of nurturing each individual child’s creativity, curiosity, unique abilities and talents, as well as learning needs. Elishelah and her staff work diligently to provide a safe and fun environment for children. Laughter and encouraging words can ALWAYS be heard at Shantivanam. Aside from the various enrichment activities offered such as, music, Spanish, Yoga, and sign language, we have been most impressed with social and character development that occurs under the guidance of the Shantivanam educators. We feel our daughter’s ability to be compassionate, empathetic, kind-hearted, philanthropic, and a “social” problem solver, is largely due to the emphasis placed on teaching children to have strong character and respect for all beings. What a gift Shantivanam has given our children!

~ Matt and Kim Williams

  • July 21, 2013

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